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Everyone knows that to function properly, a pellet stove must be kept clean. That’s why we have developed our new, exclusive Cleaning Kit: to turn this tedious task into an enjoyable, organised and clean job!

This magical Palazzetti pellet stove cleaning and maintenance kit contains everything you need to clean your stove…..and more!
The first novelty is the box that contains all the kit’s parts: when open it can be used as a mat to place in front of the stove to keep the floor clean and protect it from scratching. All the cleaning equipment, as well as the ash pan and burn pot, can be put on top of it.
The second novelty is a magnetic accessory designed exclusively for our Ecofire® pellet stoves: simply connect it to the ash vacuum cleaner hose and attach it to the stove to clean the heat exchanger tubes more accurately.
Our Cleaning kit also contains:

  • a powerful, yet lightweight, 800 Watt ash vacuum cleaner with handle;
  • Hepa filter;
  • a double, self-extinguishing, machine washable filter bag cover;
  • a metal plastic-coated hose and a set of attachments shaped specifically to quickly and easily remove every bit of ash: round, metal suction pipe, flat suction pipe, removable brush;
  • specific ceramic glass detergent to thoroughly remove any trace of ash from the glass;
  • specific, eco-friendly, glass-cleaning sponge: to clean the glass parts of your stove with the sole aid of water;
  •  microfibre cloth to clean the outside of your stove. Helps you to keep your stove’s surface bright and shiny;
  • flexible pipe cleaner for gas tubes;
  • extra-resilient nylon gloves, to wear when cleaning your stove to protect your hands from direct contact with ash;
  •  pellet scoop: very useful accessory to top up the hopper with no spills.

This kit is indispensable to keep your Palazzetti Ecofire® stove beautiful, perfectly efficient and less liable to require extraordinary maintenance!

Do you wanto to buy the Cleaning kit straight away? Click here!

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