Multifire NT Idro won the gold for “Innovation”!

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The “Bois Energie” exhibition has awarded our Multifire NT Idro first prize in the "Concours de l’Innovation"!

This exhibition takes place yearly in Nantes, France and involves the whole wood-energy production chain: from energy production to the distribution of the various fuels. One of its most popular events is the “Concours de l’Innovation” that rewards the most important innovations of the year and often pinpoints future trends.

Competitors are divided into four categories, each of which has three winners for the most advanced products, judged on the basis of: innovative aesthetics, cost/benefit ratio, comfort and ease of use, environmental benefits.

Thanks to the innovative Palazzetti technology applied to our mixed wood/pellet burning hydronic firebox, Multifire NT Idro has been awarded the first prize in the “Localised wood heating for the domestic sector" category.

Click here to view the page dedicated to our award-winning product!

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