This stone originates from Italy, it is very hard and resistant and is ideal both for public and for private use, both indoors and outdoors, access roads, town squares, general cladding and gardens. It is frostproof and very resistant to acid rain. The bushhammered and brushed finishes give it an antiqued and distinctly worn appearance. The colours available go from creamy yellow to Grey. On the right: example of bushhammered, brushed and chipped Pietra Antica laid following the Opus Romanum pattern.



Opus Incertum da 1,7-2 cm tumbled
Opus Incertum 3 cm tumbled
10x10 modules th. 1,1 cm tumbled
Opus Romanum th. 3 cm bush-hammered, brushed, chipped
Baseboard 8x1 cm with chamfered edge: brushed, chamfered edge
Opus Romanum th. 1,7 cm, bush-hammered, brushed, chipped
20x20 modules th. 1,1 cm. Brushed, chipped edge
20x20 modules (Trani) th. 1,1 cm. Brushed, chipped edge