Multi-cooking ovens

Multi-cooking ovens

We are convinced that cooking is an art and our multi-cooking ovens – Armand, Andree and Philippe – are really unique products that offer an unparalleled outdoor cooking experience.  This is what makes them different!

The combustion chamber and the cooking chamber are separate: the food never comes into contact with the ashes and smoke for a healthy, tasty cuisine… Perfect even for the amateur cook! This way it is even easier to monitor combustion and, consequently, the temperature.

Domed vault-shaped cooking chamber with refractory slabs: contrarily to other products on the market, the domed interior design of the cooking chamber favours uniform heat diffusion: this way the food is cooked evenly all through.
Moreover, the refractory slabs on the bottom and on the sides of the oven accumulate heat and release it progressively for professional results, ensuring that the oven remains hot longer.

Multi-cooking: thanks to the large cooking chamber (up to three oven racks can be fitted) and to the double fan (in the Andréè and Armand models) it is possible to cook various foods simultaneously at different heights without any mingling of flavours.

Excess steam discharge valve: excess steam is automatically discharged during the cooking process so that the food becomes crispy and dry.

Long operating hours on a small quantity of wood: the ovens have excellent heat insulation and preserve the heat for a long time so that cooking can continue for many hours without any need for extra firewood.

High temperatures, shorter cooking times: in Palazzetti's ovens, the cooking chamber is not just heated from below but is completely surrounded by the firewood combustion fumes. This way, the desired temperature is reached quick and evenly without useless wastes of firewood (400°C in about 40' with 4 kg of firewood). This is a very important feature because uniform heat distribution is fundamental for excellent cooking results.

Clean by heat: for effortless oven cleaning it is possible to exploit the pyrolysis principle. If the temperature inside the oven is raised to 500°, all food residues and the most stubborn greasy grime are automatically reduced to dust. Moreover, the stainless steel side panels are easy to remove and dishwasher safe (for the Andréè and Armand models).
Unlimited life cycle: our ovens are produced entirely in Italy and feature materials, design and constructive choices that ensure long service life and resistance to wear and tear, even if used daily for a long time and at high temperatures.

Quality materials and workmanship: the inside structure of the oven is made entirely of very thick stainless steel. The double interior and exterior welding of the combustion chamber prevents it from deforming. The electro-galvanized sheet metal prevents corrosion while the strictly non-toxic oven varnish assures the best resistance to the harsh weather conditions.

Eco-sustainability: our ovens are ecological because the materials used to construct them (steel, aluminium, cast iron, natural refractory materials) are widely recyclable, as required by European environmental-protection standards. For instance, contrarily to the most commonly used types of rock wool, the one used by us for insulation satisfies bio-solubility parameters, does not contain aggressive or corrosive products and does not favour the growth of micro-organisms such as fungi, mould and bacteria. In the event of combustion, it does not produce toxic fumes or gasses.


Palazzetti's ovens have obtained the following certifications:

  •     DIN 18880-1:1991-08
  •     DIN 18880-2:1991-08
  •     DIN EN 13229:2005-10
  •     VFK No N 10371


cooking must be a pleasure! This is why we have equipped our outdoor ovens with all the functions needed to make cooking outdoors easier and safer with gourmet results:
  • thermometer and minute minder to monitor the cooking process;
  • Interior lighting to make checking up on cooking easy;
  • he oven and combustion chamber doors are made of single plates of ceramic glass resistant to 800°C. This type of door is safe, resistant and decidedly more practical because it prevents the humidity infiltrations typical of double-glazed doors;
  • the flue and the stack are in stainless steel to resist to weather conditions and guarantee unlimited service life;
  • draught regulation valve. By shutting the valve the heat of the fumes can be preserved to give you more time to cook without having to add firewood;
  • it is possible to add practical worktops to the side and front of the oven;
  • standard 12V transformer: guarantees totally safe outdoor use;
  • large wheels and long pullout handles make moving the ovens easy;
  • large, easily-removable ash drawer to collect and throw away the products of combustion.
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