Hydronic pellet burning stoves

Pellet burning stoves Ecofire® Idro High Performance

Pellet burning stoves Ecofire® Idro High Performance

Designed to yield the greatest possible quantity of heat to the water, reducing dispersion to a minimum: a real heating system that offers exceptional efficiency, minimum toxic emissions and extreme ease of use and maintenance.
The Ecofire® Idro stoves are fully automatic and programmable heating systems that heat the water for all home requirements (radiators, underfl oor and hot water).

Sealed technology

Our sealed Ecofire® stoves take in air required for combustion directly from outside, through the balance fl ue system. This avoids removing any oxygen from inside the house, and also prevents cold air from entering a room. These stoves do not waste any of energy produced, because they recover the heat of outgoing exhaust gases to pre-heat the incoming air.


Ecofire® Idro stoves guarantee an extraordinary maximum burn time. Switch on and switch off are automatic and programmable on the digital control panel.

No-cost maintenance

With sealed hydronic stoves some of the extraordinary maintenance becomes ordinary: in fact, many of the cleaning operations no longer require an engineer because the user can easily perform them by himself. The pipes immersed in water have a 45° inclination to prevent soot deposits produced by the combustion fumes. Mhoursover, the turbolators (special helical mechanisms inside the pipes) eliminate any left over soot when put into operation manually from the outside. Lastly, the soot falls into the fumes manifold where it can be easily removed. This is how outputs are improved and savings are multiplied.

Water-heating system

In the Ecofire® Idro stoves most of the combustion heat is recovered by our special steel heat exchangers and transmitted to the water that is then conveyed through a simple circuit to the radiators and to the domestic water boiler.

These stoves supply too much heat to the room they are installed in making the temperature of that particular room too high with a loss of heat to the water of the heating system. Less efficiency for water heating means less domestic comfort.

Our stoves direct all their great heating power to the water of the heating system and to the domestic water, optimising heat distribution for widespread comfort throughout the home. No sudden changes in temperature, no waste. And, of course, an enchanting view of the fire.

Easiest possible installation

Thanks to the sealed hydronic stoves your traditional heating system can be transformed into an “ecological”, innovative and very efficient one. No need for major installation work, the entire hydraulic system needed to make it function is already supplied with the stove: circulator, expansion tank and safety valve.

Production of domestic hot water

Some the most powerful models are also available in the DHW version, which means they can produce domestic hot water directly. Indeed, a dedicated hydraulic unit allows for verifying - while the stove is functioning - the demand for DHW and diverting all the power from heating to the production of domestic hot water.

Easily Integrated

The Ecofire® Idro stoves can be easily integrated with pre-existing traditional heating systems, including a heating oil, natural gas, LPG or diesel fuelled boiler. Our latest models can be combined with accumulation systems using solar panels. In all cases, they ensure remarkable savings on energy consumption.

Semi-circular combustion chamber

They are provided with an innovative firebox surrounded by a semi-circular combustion chamber to increase the exchange of heat with the water. The hot combustion fumes are made to pass through 8 pipes immersed in the water of the boiler. The water is heated through the walls of the combustion chamber but also from “inside”. Mhoursover, the pipes are provided with special turbolators that give the fumes a helicoidal motion that further increases the exchange of heat.