We offer a vast range of fireboxes capable of satisfying any requirement.


We offer a vast range of fireboxes capable of satisfying any requirement.

Contrarily to the stoves, these products must be completed by a cladding that you can choose from those available or customise thanks to our "Custom-made" service.

When choosing a firebox you must above all consider the following aspects:

  • How do you want to use it?
  • What type of fuel do you want to use?
  • What type of heating do you want to use?


Choosing your firebox based on its use

A firebox must be chosen carefully based on how it will be used:

1) Mainly for heating purposes.

In this case, please consider the following factors:

  • Check whether the Power of the firebox corresponds to your requirements
  • Check the Efficiency of the firebox (the higher the efficiency, the better its performances)
  • The type of heat distribution (air, water, radiation)
  • The type of feed: manual, automatic or mixed.

On the basis of the abovementioned points mentioned, the fireboxes that best satisfy these requirements are closed ones (Ecomonoblocco fireboxes, Heating fireboxes, Mixed wood/pellet fireboxes, Inserts, Ecopalex and pellet-burning fireboxes).

2) Mainly for furnishing purposes. 

If your choice is based strongly on aesthetics it will be important to take into consideration fireboxes that, for instance, guarantee an extensive view of the fire. Do not underestimate the possibility of choosing fireplaces in various versions: right, left, round, 180°, double-fronted, 16/9, 25/9 etc.

The fireboxes that satisfy these features more than any other are the Ecomonoblocco models.

3) Mainly for cooking purposes. 

In this case you should look for a firebox that offers a cooking area large enough to accommodate all the necessary accessories and to cook comfortably.

For instance, you could opt for a large open firebox (Palex 86, 92, 96, 116) or for Pablo that has a handy side oven as well as a grill area.

But even a Monoblocco model or a heating firebox used with an open door and with the proper accessories can be perfect for cooking.

We also have a wide range of ovens, both in refractory material and in steel, that can be used with the firebox. The refractory ovens are the most traditional ones: they allow you to create the hot coals directly inside the oven itself. On the other hand, steel ovens are designed so that the heat of the fumes can be transmitted to the oven without the smoke coming into contact with the food.

4) Mainly to save money. 

Firewood or pellets are the least expensive heating fuel compared to any other type of fossil fuel. If your main goal is to save on heating costs, our wood, pellet or mixed wood/pellet burning fireboxes are the ideal choice.

The information that allows you to asses how much you can save by using a firebox is its efficiency (the more efficient it is, the less wood you will consume to produce the heat you require). 

Also remember to pay attention to possible tax relief facilities that the institutions make available to people who want to use firewood for heating purposes (tax deductions of 36%, 55%, local rebates, etc.)

The choice will be directed to closed fireboxes (Ecomonoblocco, Termopalex, mixed fuel fireboxes, pellet-burning fireboxes, Inserts, Ecopalex).

5) Occasional convivial use.

If your main wish is to have a firebox to use occasionally with your family and friends, for example in your den, we suggest an open firebox of the Palex range.

6) To reutilise an old open fireplace.

In this case you need a firebox that you can fit inside your old fireplace. If you want to reduce masonry work to a minimum and you do not want to duct the hot air, Ecopalex is a good choice. If, on the other hand, you can work on the hood and you want to duct the hot air, as well as the Ecopalex model you can choose from the most modern horizontal inserts.


Choosing your firebox based on the fuel

The wide range of fireboxes available allows you to base your choice on the fuel you want to use:

  • Only firewood: Palex, Ventilpalex, Ecomonoblocco, Heating fireboxes, Inserts, Ecopalex
  • Only pellets: Ecofire® or building in, Ecofire® for cladding
  • Both wood and pellets: Multifire
  • Gas


Choosing your firebox based on the heating system

If you want to heat your home using a fireplace there are three heating systems that, used together with innovative technologies, allow you to distribute heat in an even and constant way.

  • By radiation. The heat is accumulated within the structure and then progressively yielded to the home. This is healthy heat that doesn't raise ambient dust or flower-dust, keeps air humidity constant and heats the human body in depth. Due to the fact that wood and pellet burning fireboxes are furnishing heat generators, they all transmit a certain amount of heat through radiation (through the glass or the firebox opening) to the room in which they are installed. Moreover, in our products the heat accumulated is particularly high because they are made using very thick building materials and exploiting very advanced technologies.
  • By air convection (forced or natural). The heat is distributed by means of convectors that produce a flow of hot air that unifies the temperature and diffuses the heat to various rooms.
    For example, the fans used for the Ecopalex heating systems by Palazzetti are of the double extraction, professional, centrifugal type and ensure optimal heat distribution by means of a suitable air ducting system. As well as the Ecopalex fireboxes, you can also direct your choice towards the Ecomonoblocco or Multifire air fireboxes.
  • By water. This is an ideal way to heat large surfaces and homes covering an area of up to 120 m². The even heat distribution is conveyed through a plumbing system and easily reaches every room in the home while offering remarkable cost savings. 

Moreover, this heating system makes it possible to produce hot water for the radiators and for domestic use. It can be easily fitted into either traditional or the most modern heating systems and can work in synergy with other alternative heating devices (e.g. solar panels) making it possible to heat the entire home with considerable cost savings.

If this is the heating system you prefer, your choice will go to the Heating Fireboxes, the Insert Idro models, the Ecofire® for building in Idro and the Multifire Idro fireboxes.


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