Fireplaces have a body and a soul
The soul of a Palazzetti fireplace is pure and technological: it is the firebox and is available in the air or the water heating version. It is a real heating system, capable of heating entire homes.
The soul can live in the body you choose for it; simply select the cladding that best suits your requirements: modern or classic, rustic or design, back-to-wall, corner or installed in the centre of the room, clad with precious marble and noble wood types or special cements. And if your ideal model cannot be found amongst the over 150 claddings we have to offer, our custom-made service will definitely be able to design and build the fireplace of your dreams!

Range of DESIGN claddings Futuristic lines, original shapes and new materials are used for our most innovative and original claddings, those of the "design" range. These cladding satisfy the desire of a fireplace that plays with space, lights and materials and that speaks the eclectic language of contemporary interior design.

One of the most representative models of the range is “Alma”: a fireplace with a completely innovative cladding because it is the first to have been made out of the exclusive "Hot Stone", a new generation of high performance cement materials. Alma stands out for its soft lines that are almost motherly and are emotionally wrapped around the fire to put the joy of real heat at the centre of your home.

Range of MODERN claddings
A vast choice of claddings with clean and simple lines that are always precious and refined, to find the perfect fireplace for your modern home. Bushhammered white stone, marble in various colours, precious wood types and skilfully worked ceramics; our many options make each piece unique, elegant and extremely modern!

Macao” with its sinuous shapes is part of this range and is made from a single slab of bushhammered white stone (curved using our exclusive patented method) with a Rosso Alhambra marble top. "Liverpool", is made from yellow quarzite or white stone fillets with a white marble top and lintel and bleached solid pine wood parts.

Range of CLASSIC claddings
From the most luxurious to the simplest of styles, this range draws from the elegance of the past using the most precious materials and the most refined workmanship.

For those who want to set off a classic home but also for those who want to add a touch of astonishment and charm to modern or design settings.

One of the models is "Este" in Rosa Portogallo or Bianco Carrara marble and "Michelangelo" with its magnificent surround in precious wood carved completely by hand, waxed and with an antique-effect finish. The inner claddings and the base are in Rosa Portogallo marble.

Range of RUSTIC claddings.
If you want to beautify your most rustic or country settings, this range is a perfect choice! Fireplaces that couldn't look more traditional, but have an absolutely innovative and modern soul thanks to our exclusive technologies, are connected directly to the "fogolar" of our grandparent's homes.

A very emblematic example is "Brunico" made from sheared Soleado with antique-effect Giallo Egizio marble tops. The oven wall is in cement mix while the mantelshelf is in walnut stained, antique-effect pinewood planks.

The Materials
The material is there. Beautiful, but inert. Only an artist can look at it and "see" the shape it conceals, sense the fire that animates it in an empathetic process that results in the creation of a work of art.

In Palazzetti's fireplaces the material - marble, wood, steel, cement or ceramic - is worked, moulded and combined to give life to a sculptured container for the domestic fireplace.
A fire that is technology, art, performance, nature.
“As cold as marble, as warm as marble”.
nobleand precious material. A material that knows how to be classic or contemporary, to define the space you live in according to its style.

We work the marble of our claddings in one factory located in Porcia where we check our products phase-after-phase for perfect results. This material must be worked using accurate procedures and meticulous controls because the aesthetic value and the quality of each fireplace depend on its workmanship.

Marble is a living material: nature creates real works of art by using nuances, veins and shades of various colours. It may even contain invaluable fossils trapped inside the blocks of marble… A very valuable and exclusive detail! All these slight "imperfections" add value to the material and must never be considered as defects, rather as the qualities of an excellent product. Moreover, to guarantee aesthetic consistency our fireplaces are always Sof marble and not putting together various pieces because this would be detrimental to the final result.

Thanks to a close network of relations with the most important international dealers we can offer you an unlimited variety of claddings created using a great variety of marble types that, depending on your taste, can be worked in different ways.

The entire production follows a modular structure that, by pre-assembling the various elements, makes final assembly easier, reduces errors to a minimum and allows the measurements to be checked quickly and easily.

The air intakes are very important for the fireplace to function properly: this is why, on request, we offer specific milled slits in the cladding to avoid the use of unsightly metal or plastic grilles.

If you love curvy lines, trust us. The curved modules of our standard marble fireplaces are made of a single element thanks to an exclusive and patented method that ensures absolutely perfect aesthetics that, above all, remain unchanged by time.

A material beautiful to look at, sensitive and warm that has accompanied the evolution of mankind...
Beautiful wood types that we work on with passion and respect to achieve shapes that are even capable of warming our glance!

It is the metropolitan material par excellence.
It is capable of acquiring an aesthetic value through a rigorous style and clean-cut lines. It is a material of daily use that lights up under the glare of the fire and captures your attention while reflecting the space surrounding it. It's perfect for contemporary homes.

A "poor", versatile yet resistant material that adapts to particularly sculptured shapes and is able to clad a design idea perfectly.

In ceramics the colours and warm of the earth unite ideally to create a very decorative material.


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