Palazzetti Pellet Technology

A research project that has the aim of uninterruptedly improving our stoves to launch continuously more advanced and innovative technologies on the market.

Here are the main technologies developed by the PPT project.

Star pellet-feed system
This is an exclusive innovation that offers real advantages in terms of performances and maintenance ease and whose heart consists in a piece of mechanical precision obtained from a single block of steel.
  • The pellets we buy are not always all the same size and in traditional technologies this results in an inconsistent flow of fuel inside the brazier. The "star" system guarantees that a constant quantity of pellets are fed throughout combustion: the blades of the system behave like fire doors that prevent air from getting between the pellet box and the combustion chamber; this results in regular combustion that improves performances and reduces harmful emissions. The ammonia hardening treatment applied to the star-shaped valve together with the sharpened edge of the pellet guarantee excellent performances at all times.
  • The rotating motion of the "star" system makes it possible to completely burn even the pellet dust that usually collects at the bottom of the pellet box, keeping it constantly clean.
  • Moreover, its compact size makes it noiseless; this is also thanks to the silenced pellet downpipe and to the blocked ratiomotor that ensure the comfort that distinguishes all Palazzetti's products.

Flue gas path and ash cleaning management
Cleaning the stove has become a lot easier.
  • An new flue gas path
    It has been completely re-designed to keep itself clean at all times and eliminate extraordinary maintenance.
  • Drawer and ash collecting system
    It's easier to empty and easier to look after. The floating brazier makes sure that all the ashes fall directly and only into the underlying ash drawer.

The new Ecofire 2010-2011 range is also equipped with a drawer fitted with a long handle with two anchoring points to make it more durable and practical to use.

Electronic Management and Comfort
The PPT technology offers constant control of all the main operating parameters of the stove. A set of sensors accurately and punctually detects all the possible variables that are then analysed and checked in real time to activate the corrective actions needed to ensure perfect stove operation.
This guarantees utmost efficiency under all operating conditions with the following results: your Palazzetti pellet-burning stove works perfectly at all times and informs you as soon as there is a hint of something wrong that may jeopardise its performance.

The constant attention we pay to comfort and energy savings has resulted in the development of a set of new functions:
  • Room thermostat: thanks to the thermostat connected to the ambient probe it is possible to programme the desired temperature. The stove will independently organise its operation to reach and maintain the temperature.
  • The economy function: optimises energy savings by integrating with the thermostat function. It is possible to set maximum stove operating power so as to reach the desired temperature without ever exceeding the pre-set consumption levels.
  • Night timer: to set the time you want your stove to switch off at during the night
  • Temperature on/off: to set the home temperature in centigrade at which you want the stove to turn on or off.
  • No chill: to define the temperature of the home below which the stove must turn on automatically.
  • Automatic re-ignition in the event of a blackout.
  • Key lock: prevents the settings from being accidentally changed.
  • Extraordinary maintenance: a special symbol on the display tells you when maintenance is required.

The alphanumerical display has an incorporated IR receiver and is fitted on a slanting support to improve readability and interaction with the user.

Pellet box lid
The pellet box lid is hermetically sealed and is fitted with a heat-resistant plastic handle.
Air infiltrations that could jeopardise combustion and the performance of the stove are thus eliminated.
o guarantee perfect containment even of pellet fragments, the feed hatch has a special retaining edge.

Fumes extractor with strengthened elbow
It is made of a single piece with an elbow joint that has no welded or joined parts: this part has been strengthened to eliminate the risk of accidental breakage. It also ensures more silent operation.

Adjustable glass cleaning deflectors
The distance of the deflectors from the glass can be adjusted to optimise the airflow making it easier to clean the glass.


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