The Ecofire® Aria pellet burning stoves

Ecofire®: 5 systems for all your needs

Ecofire®: 5 systems for all your needs

The Palazzetti Ecofire® air stoves are not all the same. The quality of the materials and the constructive accuracy are identical, whilst the needs each one satisfies are different. In fact, housing spaces and people's habits require targeted performances.

For this reason Palazzetti has created four different systems for four stove families: sealed ones, the brand new Silent ones, those with forced air and the ductable range.

They all introduce hot air into the room and provide radiant heating at the same time, thanks to their vast radiating surface. But let's see what their features are in detail and which different comfort need they meet.

Ventilated range

How it works

The Ecofire® forced air circulation stoves are equipped with a fan that constantly pushes the hot air produced by the firebox. This way the heat is rapidly diffused throughout the room.
Thanks to the electronic management of the control unit it is possible to manage the powerand speed of the fan according to one's needs.


Ideal for whom?


  • To heat a single room or several rooms connected to each other.
  • To integrate an existing heating system and hence significantly reduce consumption. For those who want to quickly achieve the desired temperature (in fact, thanks to the forced ventilation, the hot air is rapidly and evenly diffused ensuring healthy and constant comfort).
  • And naturally, for those who care for our environment and want to contribute to its preservation by polluting less.

Ductable range

How it works

In ductable pellet stoves the hot air produced from the fire is pushed by the powerful fan (up to 680 m3/h) into the ducting system and reaching many rooms in the home (up to 100 m2), enabling an even distribution of the heat from above without lifting dust and bacteria.
Important: the increased diameter of the ducting pipes (see in-depth information below) produces a greater hot air flow that increases heat and comfort and decreases the time required to reach the desired temperature.


Perfect where?

  • Where one wants to heat several rooms with a sole source of heat.
  • Where the primary need is to obtain healthy and comfortable heat throughout the house, drastically reducing consumptions.
  • Where one does not want to carry out major brickwork.
  • Where one wants to combine comfort, energy savings and respect for the environment.

How to choose the diameter of the air duct. The differences between the various ducts.

The right quantity of cubic metres of hot air is required to heat a home: the smaller the air duct, the smaller the quantity of air that is distributed to the rooms.

The tactile sensation perceived when we put our hand against the air outlet can be deceiving, making us come to the wrong conclusion about the quantity of air transported and the actual quantity distributed throughout the rooms.

Sealed range


The absence of a traditional air intake prevents cold air from entering the room which, in turn, prevents the stove from having to compensate heat dispersions to maintain a constant temperature.

This obviously results in considerable savings on fuel.

Optimising combustion

By using the coaxial pipe, the incoming air required for combustion is pre-heated because it comes into contact with the stovepipe. The result is increased combustion efficiency and a mhours effective glass self-cleaning system.


The excellent combustion and the very high performances of Palazzetti’s sealed Ecofire stoves ensure the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere

and consistent savings on energy consumptions. For a sustainable and comfortable future and a close to zero environmental impact.

Perfect where?

Palazzetti’s sealed Ecofire stoves are the right solution for all spaces that have special architectural restraints.

Thanks to the coaxial air pipe they don’t require traditional air intakes making them ideal even for nationally protected historical homes, those that have benefited from conservation work and for those in old town centres.

Mhoursover, the sealed technology makes it possible to install them in rooms that used to be excluded from the standards in force (UNI 10683) such as bedrooms, bathrooms and studio flats because they use only combustion air taken from outdoors. For the same reason they are ideal for passive homes because they don’t alter the indoor/outdoor balance in any way.

Silent range

How it works

In the Silent stoves the heat produced is distributed evenly in the room by radiation and natural convection. The Palazzetti Pellet Technology research project has developed a new technology that on the other hand it has improved the feature of the interior heat exchanger to achieve a natural convection motion without the use of a fan.

Perfect where?

  • When you want to integrate a traditiona heating system, noiselessly. To heat a single room or various, connected rooms.
  • When you do not need to reach the desired temperature in the blink of an eye.
  • When you want your heat to be healthy, programmable, evenly-distributed and noiseless. Because acoustic comfort contributes to improving the
  • quality of life.

Some ventilated models such as Adagio allow you to completely exclude the fan function to heat by natural convention only. The result is a completely noiseless stove, ideal during the night or in particular situations where silence is a priority.

Salvaspazio range

How it works

They work by convection and radiation and can be ducted to quickly heat even adjacent rooms without the need for troublesome installation work.

Perfect where?

These stoves are ideal for passageways, corridors, corners and narrow rooms; even the handle is concealed to reduce the depth of stove to an essential approx.

27 cm. These stoves can be installed flush against the wall and are designed to be fitted with a rear or top stovepipe.


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