Natural stone

Claddings and pavings including a vast range of marble types and natural stone.

Each element made of natural stone is unique thanks to the endless colour variations and to the specific features of each type of stone. Every time you look at it you discover a new reflection, a new detail in the vein that you hadn't seen or didn't notice the day before. Because natural stone continues to live as time goes by, and to improve. Even when it is cut into tiles, it is never a uniformed product: it is always faithful to the features that make it unique.
Natural stone has always exercised in intense charm: it is almost as if it identifies itself in the idea of eternity that has made it the perfect material to produce the works of art that best represent mankind. Natural stone reminds us of the fascination of our bond with the earth!
New processing methods and the technological innovations in this field now make applications that were once unthinkable possible.


Natural stone:
  • it satisfies any requirement: the variety of shapes and colours and the many possibilities deriving from applicable machining processes result in a really vast range;
  • it is sturdy, hardwearing and resistant to heat, to acids and to salts;
  • it resists well to wear and tear, ì better still, it improves as it ages: its charm and durability are endless;
  • it can be used to make indoor and outdoor paving for swimming pools (anti-slip), wall claddings, dry-laid walls, pathways and drives; it is thus suitable for indoor, outdoor, urban and contract furnishing;
  • it's environmentally-friendly and eco-sustainable.