Choosing a Palazzetti barbecue means choosing a high quality product: not only do we pay attention to the aesthetic aspects but also the functional and practical ones.

Why choose a Palazzetti barbecue?

Choosing a Palazzetti barbecue means choosing a high quality product: not only do we pay attention to the aesthetic aspects but also the functional and practical ones.

Attention and care in the design phase, the accurate choice of materials, practicality of use, simple maintenance and research into technological innovations: Palazzetti's barbecues are synonymous of all this!

The choice of materials

All our barbecues have a solid structure made from a cement mix that guarantees long service life and better weather resistance. In the finished version this structure is covered by washable white sponged plastic.

Some models are made from mass-coloured material, i.e. the colorants are added directly to the mixture of material. The barbecues constructed in this way guarantee easier maintenance: in fact, once installed, the barbecue is already finished and does not need to be faced with sponged plastic; we just recommend the application of our transparent protective liquid. 

Amongst the mass-coloured models some of them, such as Cipro, are made of Marmotech, an innovative marble granulate-based material that is skilfully mixed to guarantee higher thermal resistance. Neither of these models require painting after installation. 

Lastly, to complete the variety of the range, we have decided to beautify the design of some of our barbecues, such as Barney or Dino, with some manmade Easy Stone inserts.

The tops, important both from a practical and aesthetic viewpoint, are available in realstone (an innovative manmade material that faithfully reproduces cotto or slate but remains unscathed by wear and tear) or in marble granulate (a marble by-product with a brushed finish that sets off its intriguing multi-coloured appeal).

For further info on the materials we use for our barbecues you can consult our blog.

The technology

The technological solutions used for our barbecues are the result of our commitment to studying and trying out innovative and cutting-edge functions. Our aim, of course, is to offer you products that are easier to use, have improved performances and last a lot longer.

From this viewpoint, each of the barbecues we offer you is provided with features that make it original, unique and the worthy star of your garden. Here are the most important ones:

  • Exterior firewood loading: some models are designed to allow you to load considerable quantities of firewood from the rear or from the side of the barbecue so that the grill area can be used solely for cooking;
  • The Fast-Fire-Box system: this is a special ash drawer that improves combustion and makes cleaning easier when the fire is out;
  • Metal underhood: it strengthens and protects the hood from the heat produced by the combustion fumes;
  • A double firebox in strengthened refractory material: to ensure better resistance to a blazing fire and thus unlimited durability even if used frequently. The firebox is made entirely from superior refractory materials with a high alumina content;
  • The rear firebox wall is made of four slabs (two external, horizontal ones and two internal, vertical ones) with a gap that lets the cold air through to prevent the structure from overheating.

The accessories

All Palazzetti's barbecues can be fitted with useful accessories that make cooking even more pleasant and practical. 

The range includes professional grills in stainless steel with a semi-circular cross-section and a drip-pan to collect cooking fats: soapstone slabs such as Bioplatt to cook healthy and light meals with no additional fats; the electric spit and the handy braziers and the charcoal holder that make lighting and keeping the fire under control easier.