Specifications and standard fittings:

• made in steel, available with a steel or soapstone cladding; • large firebox door with a long handle; • top or rear stovepipe; • combustion air conveyed outdoors; • automatic door closing system; • can burn large logs up to 50 cm; • Thermofix firebox ensures utmost heat accumulation; • innovative air adjustment system makes it possible to accurately control the primary, secondary and glass wash air flows for maximum combustion control and easy fire ignition; • the door automatically stays put when it is fully open for safe and easy firewood loading.

Technical Specifications

Dimentions 78 x 50 x 95 cm - Weight: 130 kg
Nominal heat input 9.9 (Kw) - 8600 (Kcal/h)
Efficiency at nominal heat output 80 %
Nominal heat output 7.9 (Kw) - 6800 (Kcal/h)
Hourly fuel consumption 2.6 (kg/h)
Exhaust outlet fitting ø cm 15


    • Flamme verte
    • External ducting of primary air
    • Firebox made of Thermofix
    • Incentivo fiscale
    • Wood Combustion Control
    • Autolock
    • Classe Energetica A



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