Iki Square

Wood-burning firebox that can be used as it is as a stove or as a firebox with the desired cladding. Painted steel structure. Firebox made of Thermofix, special refractory cement featuring very high heat accumulation that optimises radiation and improves combustion to guarantee superior efficiencies. The ceramic glass lift-up door has a minimal design that leaves more room to admire the fire. The O2Ring technology reduces production of particulates.


Technical Specifications

Dimentions 67 x 54 x 67 cm - Weight: 235 kg
Nominal heat input ND (Kw) - ND (Kcal/h)
Nominal heat output ND (Kw) - ND (Kcal/h)
Exhaust outlet fitting ø cm 18
Exhaust outlet position superiore/posteriore


    • Dual Combustion System
    • 15A
    • BImSchV 2
    • Flamme verte
    • External ducting of primary air
    • O2 RING
    • Firebox made of Thermofix
    • Classe Energetica A+



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