The Ecopalex® technology can be combined with the Ecoforno® one, an oven that works without gas, electricity or wood because it becomes quickly hot by exploiting the heat produced by Ecopalex®. Thanks to a special patent, the outgoing exhaust surround the outer shell of the Ecoforno® and quickly heat it up so that pizzas, bread, roast meats and any other food can be cooked to perfection. Ecoforno® is sturdy and safe, covered entirely with stainless steel, provided with a cast iron and ceramic glass door and a thermometer and designed to prevent heat dispersions, even when the door is opened.

Technical Specifications

Nominal heat input ND (Kw) - ND (Kcal/h)
Nominal heat output ND (Kw) - ND (Kcal/h)


    • Flamme verte



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