I can’t find my stove in the list.
Make sure your smartphone is connected to your home network (the same network the Connection Box is connected to).
Close the App, free up the memory on your device (double tap the home button and swipe up the the screenshot of the App) then open the App again.

When connecting the connection box to my Wi-Fi network I entered the wrong network password.
In this case the Connection Box will automatically reset back to the remote control mode and it will be necessary to connect it to your local Wi-Fi network again.

I can’t connect to the cbox.  How can I remedy this?
Reset the Connection Box  by keeping the reset key pressed for 10 seconds.

The App doesn’t work when I am away from home.
1. that your home Wi-Fi signal is strong enough in the area where you have installed the Connection Box,
2. that you have logged in from the App,
3. that you have enabled “Connect to the Internet” in the App’s Settings menu.

I use the App to manage various pellet stoves. How can I distinguish them easily from the list of stoves available?
You can name each of the stoves managed by the App differently. To do this, just tap Settings and then Name.
It is also possible to set the selected stove by pressing the star icon next to the stove's name.

I have configured the App to manage my Ecofire idro stove. Nevertheless, it looks as if the “Fan” function control is disabled.
That’s right: Ecofire Idro stoves don’t have a “Fan” function because they are hydronic.
What temperature does the “Setpoint Temperature” function of the App refer to for an Ecofire Idro stove?
It depends on the stove’s configuration.
In the “Configuration 1” mode, the App temperature setting refers to the water flow temperature. The word “water” appears on the App screen indicating the temperature reading.
In the “Configuration 2” mode, the App temperature setting refers to the ambient temperature read by the stove’s probe. The word “ambient” appears on the App screen indicating the temperature reading.
In the “Configuration 3” or “Configuration 4” mode, the App temperature setting refers to the temperature of the water in the accumulation tank. The word “accumulator” appears on the App screen indicating the temperature reading. The App determines the stove’s operating mode automatically.
For further information on how to configure your stove, please consult the user’s manual of the product purchased.

What you can do if the Wi-Fi signal is weak or missing.
If the WiFi signal is weak or your home network does not appear, it may be useful to change the position of the Connection Box or add a WiFi signal booster that can be purchased from any specialised shop.
Alternatively, you can connect the Connection Box to your router using an Ethernet cable.
If, on the other hand, the App does find the network but is not able to connect to it, check your home router’s security settings:
• Encryption WPA2;
•  disabled parental control;
• do not use a Guest network that limits communications between Hosts.

How to connect your Connection Box to your home router using an Ethernet cable.
DO NOT connect the Ethernet cable to the Connection Box straight away.
Connect it after you have completed this procedure!
1. Set the connection box to the Access Point mode (RESET by following the instructions on page 28).
2. Access the Connection Box via the connboxXXXXX Wi-Fi network using the default password connbox000.
3. From your browser, go to
4. The Connection Box configuration page will appear.
5. Go to the “Ethernet” section and configure the cable connection according to the characteristics of your home router. It is usually sufficient to enable “DHCP Client” to automatically obtain an IP address.
6. Tap APPLY to confirm.
7. Plug the Ethernet cable into the Connection Box.

I have forgotten my login password. How can I recover it?
1. Go to Login.
3. Check your e-mail inbox.   You will receive a new password provided by us.
4. Log in using the new password provided by us and remember to save it because this is the one you will be using from now on!

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